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Watching Wild Birds Is Very Fascinating And A Great Stress Reliever.For centuries humans have been fascinated with watching wild birds. Regardless of species, birds in the wild have many characteristics that have kept us mesmerized with their antics, and likely will for years to come. Many people watch birds in their natural habitats for a hobby, while others are actual researchers in the field that are lucky enough to get paid to watch them.Many of the bird lovers of the world are not fortunate in location, so are unable to get close enough to some of the rarest and most beautiful of the species, this is where documentaries come in handy. There are companies that actually go out into the wild of all locations to film and document these wild birds in their natural settings, and are able to catch some of the most fascinating subjects while these birds are at work, and at play. The mating seasons are a phenomenal time to be out filming birds, many of the birds of the wild are absolutely amazing during this season.Bird lovers go crazy over watching these fascinating birds mate because they display their feathers in frumpy manners, and some are so articulate with their methods that not many other animals can compare to them. Though it may sound strange to want to watch birds mate, there really are some interesting aspects to birds that will otherwise never be witnessed if not done so during this season. Birds tend to go all out and sing the most beautiful and intriguing songs, dance some of the most peculiar dances, and put on fashion shows that would make the most gorgeous runway models jealous but only during mating season.Though watching birds can be done in many of our own backyards, there is something fascinating about watching birds from other countries, such as those that are in tropical zones. These birds are brilliant specimens that most common backyard birds simply can not compete with when it comes to colors and personalities. These birds are highly known for their beautiful feathers of the most brilliant colorings, many of them are a mixture of several striking colors, while others are colored in a few basic colors. None of the tropical birds can be considered ordinary however, not by any means.For years man has sought after the most unique and rarest of the species and has documented them for the rest of the world to be able to bear witness to some of the most awesome animal species known to man, the wild bird. Watching wild birds is easy, especially if the individual takes the time to research local birds and has a basic knowledge of wild bird identification. Watching birds is not only gratifying, but is also a great stress reliever that many have grown very fond of.I hope this article has inspired you to want to read and learn more about wild birds. If it has please check out more of my articles by clicking http://wildbirdtips.com
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If you usually find yourself wary of extra costs outside of those covered by your vacation package, shelling out the money for the Wild Africa Trek may cause a little distress to your wallet muscle, but fear not. Though initially the tour seems like little more than a stroll through Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, it is in truth, a one-of-a-kind, behind-the-scenes, hike that immerses you in the rich and beautiful lands of the park.You will almost feel like you are shaping up for a real jungle safari as your guides greet you before park hours to prep you for the tour. You’ll stow your things – literally anything that cannot be attached to your person – in lockers, and then be strapped into your harness. Don’t worry if you can’t find a place for your camera. You’ll want pictures alright, but lucky for you, included in the cost of the experience is a code for a free Photo Pass CD of pictures taken of the group by the guides throughout the tour.The first half of the tour is spent roaming the jungle area of the Animal Kingdom, viewing animals like Gorillas, Hippos, Nile Crocodiles, and many others. Even better than viewing these creatures from the normal viewing areas, like you would in the park, is getting to view them from the special “backstage areas” explored during the tour – the Hippos and Crocs from rope bridges suspended above the animals’ habitats. This is one of the only heights you will face in your life from which it is in fact, better to look down. The animals look great from your point of view on the bridge!Scared of heights? Don’t worry, that is what the harnesses are for. Though the bridges are designed to look worn and precarious, they are in fact, very strong, and the tour guides will be there to help you make it safely. It is almost as fun watching other guests wobble their way across the bridges as it is to check out the animals along the way.After your tour group has made their way through the jungle area, which, by the way, is enough tough hiking for most people, they get a bit of a break in the Savannah area, switching from traveling on foot to riding in Safari trucks. With frequent stops, and binoculars provided, you won’t miss a single exquisite animal, no matter how reclusive it may be!By this time, you and your group will be getting a bit, or probably a lot, peckish. Luckily, the tour ends with a tasty treat – a meal at Disney’s Boma: Flavors of Africa Restaurant. The restaurant offers African-style cuisine, breathtaking Savannah views, and a place to decompress a bit from the morning’s adventure.After this tasty break, your tour group will pile back into the Safari trucks, and head back to the place where the tour began, having enjoyed a unique and unforgettable 3-hour trek of Africa. After one last group photo, your tour will be over, you’ll be left with a code for your photo CD, a head swimming with memories, and no regrets at all regarding the extra cost of the tour.

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Bats are one of nature’s most fascinating mammals. Not only do bats consume thousands of insects each night, their guano is an effective fertilizer used in multiple industries around the world. With all of these positive characteristics in tow; what exactly makes a wild bat so dangerous to humans and pets? Continue reading to better understand why wild bats are dangerous and should be avoided at all costs by humans and domesticated animals.Wild Bats Transmit DiseaseThere are various infectious diseases that bats can contract or carry. These diseases are all hazardous to human and pet immune systems. Bats are known to be carriers of the Rabies virus, Histoplasmosis, Leptospirosis, and even Salmonella. All of these infections can be transferred, transmitted, and passed along to humans and pets; and they are all potentially fatal if left untreated.Rabies is a very well-known disease to the public. This infection is often associated with rabid dogs, raccoons, and rats; however, the truth is, bats are common carriers of the Rabies virus as well. A simple bat bite is all it takes to transfer saliva and bacteria into a person’s blood stream. Some bats are so tiny, a person or pet cannot even tell they were bitten. Once signs of illness begin to show, it is imperative to seek medical attention immediately if a person has been bitten or had contact with a wild bat.Rabies affects the brain and nervous system, eventually causing death if untreated. Humans are required to get a series of painful shots to eliminate the threat of spreading the virus. Pets, on the other hand, are difficult to save once they become infected. The virus is often times unpredictable because its incubation stages can differ drastically. It can incubate in humans weeks and months before showing signs of contagion.Histoplasmosis is a disease that affects the upper respiratory system. It is caused by the fungus Histoplasma Capsulatum, which occurs naturally in warm, moist climates. It is widely spread by bat guano and other animal droppings. To become infected, the spores simply have to be inhaled. Common victims of this illness are homeowners with bat infestation problems, or miners and people that work underground or in cavernous environments. Treatment is available and death is entirely avoidable; however, if left untreated, it can be quite devastating to whoever becomes infected.Leptospirosis is another common and potentially fatal infection carried and passed on by wild bats. IT is a bacterial disease that is spread through bodily fluids, usually urine. It is contracted the same way as Histoplasmosis, and usually by people in similar vocations; such as miners, meat workers, farmers, and veterinarians. It is also fatal if left untreated, but it is easily treatable if caught in the early stages.