The Wild Africa Trek at Disney’s Animal Kingdom: Why It’s Worth Every Penny |

If you usually find yourself wary of extra costs outside of those covered by your vacation package, shelling out the money for the Wild Africa Trek may cause a little distress to your wallet muscle, but fear not. Though initially the tour seems like little more than a stroll through Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, it is in truth, a one-of-a-kind, behind-the-scenes, hike that immerses you in the rich and beautiful lands of the park.You will almost feel like you are shaping up for a real jungle safari as your guides greet you before park hours to prep you for the tour. You’ll stow your things – literally anything that cannot be attached to your person – in lockers, and then be strapped into your harness. Don’t worry if you can’t find a place for your camera. You’ll want pictures alright, but lucky for you, included in the cost of the experience is a code for a free Photo Pass CD of pictures taken of the group by the guides throughout the tour.The first half of the tour is spent roaming the jungle area of the Animal Kingdom, viewing animals like Gorillas, Hippos, Nile Crocodiles, and many others. Even better than viewing these creatures from the normal viewing areas, like you would in the park, is getting to view them from the special “backstage areas” explored during the tour – the Hippos and Crocs from rope bridges suspended above the animals’ habitats. This is one of the only heights you will face in your life from which it is in fact, better to look down. The animals look great from your point of view on the bridge!Scared of heights? Don’t worry, that is what the harnesses are for. Though the bridges are designed to look worn and precarious, they are in fact, very strong, and the tour guides will be there to help you make it safely. It is almost as fun watching other guests wobble their way across the bridges as it is to check out the animals along the way.After your tour group has made their way through the jungle area, which, by the way, is enough tough hiking for most people, they get a bit of a break in the Savannah area, switching from traveling on foot to riding in Safari trucks. With frequent stops, and binoculars provided, you won’t miss a single exquisite animal, no matter how reclusive it may be!By this time, you and your group will be getting a bit, or probably a lot, peckish. Luckily, the tour ends with a tasty treat – a meal at Disney’s Boma: Flavors of Africa Restaurant. The restaurant offers African-style cuisine, breathtaking Savannah views, and a place to decompress a bit from the morning’s adventure.After this tasty break, your tour group will pile back into the Safari trucks, and head back to the place where the tour began, having enjoyed a unique and unforgettable 3-hour trek of Africa. After one last group photo, your tour will be over, you’ll be left with a code for your photo CD, a head swimming with memories, and no regrets at all regarding the extra cost of the tour.